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Anonymity in Free SSH Accounts?

The Internet by definition is not really anonymous and if the CIA really wants you, they can really trace you. Through social media ,our identities are publicized and even if you secure your account you aren’t secured from web administrators and defacers. Computer has to have attributions like the logs for example, there should always be an origin and a history.  Even blackhats got caught for Christ’s sake!

But guys lemme not discourage you in using your proxies or SSH Tunnels, because it can also help (although not totally but at least we still have a chance). I was just trying to demystify the term ‘anonymity‘ which some people believe that nobody can really stop or trace you just because of using a tunneled host (this is really a misconception). SSH Tunneling does help especially if you use chain tunneling which could add to your depth anonymity. I’m not trying to disappoint users here who uses tunnels especially if they are chatting in IRC public servers and channels. I’m just trying to give an awareness here. Thus, the more hops you make the more chances of winning, I mean anonymity. lolz

you –> socks1 –> socks2 –> socks3 –> … –> socksx –> target

For our main topic today, let’s discuss about Free SSH Shell Accounts. Is it really safe to tunnel with public severs and help my anonymity? Does it add more depth to my anonymity? The answer is NO! Why? Some users who have bad intentions in tracing you could see what IP you are using but if you use chain tunneling then it’s just okay but then if you use your IP in logging into that system then you are in deep trouble brother. In fact some demo accounts can just use the w, who, and finger commands in order to check what you are doing and what IP you are logged in.

Not only that, users could also see the scripts you hosted in your account which you are keeping confidentially. And so lemme show you some bash commands that some people may use on the server which for me is really disappointing because you can see other people’s IP and what they are currently doing in the server.

The ‘who’ Command

The who command displays all the users currently log on the system and also what IP they are logged in.


The ‘w’ Command

Unlike the who command, it not only displays the users who are logged in but also what they are currently doing.


The ‘finger’ Command

The finger command lists information about the user. For example if I type in finger johndean, it should display johndean’s personal information when he registered to the public server. Not only that, it also logs when was the last time you logged in and the last IP that was logged with your information.


Well, I guess we all now have an idea why it’s not really safe in logging your own IP when using your tunnel. My suggestion is to use a VPN in tunneling and do a chain tunneling so that you can be secured from your stalkers. (hop hop and away). 😉

Be safe!

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