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All the worst comes from Asia?

The good news is that Europe and North America are producing less spam than in the beginning of 2009. The bad news is,that it is relative and not absolute. The Asian region and South America are not only becoming more and more important for world trade but also in their digital spam output.

A recent Symantec study argues that the Asian region is accountable for 23 percent of the daily junk mails and South America for 22 percent. Personally, I don’t feel the difference. I’m as good informed about the pricing for Viagra as in the past couple of years. Thus, the Internet shows again that a geographic difference might not be a difference in its effect on the cyberspace.

Speaking of Asia and the cyberspace, US officials and experts argued that China is working on becoming an ‘aggressive foe in cyberspace’. Instead of fighting like a man, China realized that it is ‘outgunned’ compared to the US and focuses on finding weak spots in the US communications security architecture. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t cracking and consequently cyber warfare  or cyber terrorism all about finding the weak spots of a generic system?

note: exploiting weak spots in a system with the intention to cause damage is definitely cracking or cyber warfare but not hacking.

The report argues that the estimation of data China stole from US government networks is roughly between 10 and 20 terabytes. That is ‘one-fifth of the Library of Congress’s digital holdings’. Interesting point though: The NSA network alone collects more information that has been stolen by China… in one day! The problem is: They don’t have the capacity of making good use of the information.

The question which arises is whether China is not capable of stealing more information or if they just stole useful information.


  1. does it really matter who contributes the most cyber-filth in cyberspace? this can never be stopped! it’s already part of the GINORMOUS picture. let’s just hope the good guys won’t get tired in thinking of ways to keep things in balance as much as possible. let the pro do their job. let those in charge be in charge. we are all part of it 🙂 cheers!

  2. Well, for some people it DOES matter. If you want to crack down on spam-sending criminal networks it is good to know that they operate within you country. If this country has laws against it and the technical expertise (the good guys) to nail them in court, GO!

    If you figure out they operate from a different jurisdictions where you don’t have any say and where no government wants to co-operate with you – you can leave it at that because there is not a lot you can do.

    Otherwise, I agree with you there!


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