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Advance Happy New Year, Next Up 2012…What to Expect from Us


First of all, lemme say “Advance Happy New Year!” and I hope you guys are prepared for what is coming in 2012. The year 2011 will end soon and we sure will have a lot of misadventures. We just celebrated Christmas and ‘LulzXmas’, I hope you guys like your presents and enjoyed your holidays.

After 2011, 2012 will come and so what to expect? New discoveries and new misadventures. I think next year would be fun and that I’m expecting that Anonymous and Illuminati are ready for the next big thing (really dunno). And because some guys and dudes out there are paranoid about the 2012 doomsday(lol), I just dunno what their emotions or feelings will be if the doomsday is proven false but for sure I can’t wait to see and hear their reactions. But so much for those rumors and supposedly threats and leaks let’s get to the point of what to expect  from our blog.

So what to expect from our crew? Well, because this blog is a community blog that talks about infosec, IT, Linux, OpenVMS, BSD, hacking, website security, cyber warfare, digital culture, etc. – then you should expect more fresh articles and more action from us because new blog writers has been added to the crew. I will be adding other Metasploit articles and maybe we will be releasing more pentesting and helpful tools for penetration testers and our readers / supporters out there.

new year's resolution pic

Our benefactor and fellow admin pr3p will also blog about some tips in Linux and Computer Security. But ProjectX Blog will not change as to what it is today, we will continue to serve you with your daily infosec news and information technology facts. But we promise to change our nature for better in 2012 and that is our New Year’s Resolution.

We are still open for guest bloggers and for interested folks out there who wants to be part of the crew. If you are interested to take up arms for The ProjectX Blog, then email us at / /

And so guys once again, have a good 2012 year! We u hope to hear more from you guys. 🙂

Be safe everyone…


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