Adjusting Your Audio In Backtrack Linux Using The Terminal

I’ve got some inquiries from some of our readers about Backtrack’s audio capability and volume capacity. Most of them complained why the volume is so  freakin low. Well, that’s because “the quieter you become the more you are able to hear”. (lulz)

But seriously is it really because of their motto that’s why it’s so low? HELL NO!! It’s because you still need to adjust the volume so that you could tune it to your eargasmic songs better. In this article lemme share a simple and short tutorial on how to adjust your audio or volume capacity easier by using the terminal. All you need to do is to summon the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture  which is ‘AlsaMixer‘ by typing:


After that the AslaMixer Interface should appear in the terminal:


AslaMixer is already pre-installed in Backtrack so no need to install it.The graphical program is just easy to use. Each mixer with volume capability shows a box and the current volume filled in that box; in adjusting the capacity of the box, use the up/down arrow keys. If you want to move to another mixer, use the letf/right arrow key. Simple right?

Well, once again I leave the rest up to you guys.

~ In ProjectX Blog, we find ways… lulz

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  1. Your initial answer is correct. “It was not designed for that.”

    I’m under the impression that people would want to use BackTrack as their primary distro. Being able to play audio should not be a concern. A lot of the tools in BT do a lot of number crunching so I wouldn’t want to waste any of my computer’s resources on playing audio or videos.


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