25 years real-life, 17 years virtual-life

This is my birthday blog article. This Thursday I am turning one quarter of a century, reason enough for me to write an article about that. 25 years real-life, 17 years virtual-life.

The invention of computers and subsequently the Internet influenced my life big time. When I was younger, I only played games but it was the start of a still ongoing journey. When I grew older I started fixing computers, put its parts together and helped a lot of my friends with their troubled computers.

After I turned 15 years, I got to know my later first girlfriend-to-be. And how? Via an online game called Ultima Online. 10 months later she became my first girlfriend, on the first day we met in real-life. Virtual-life leveled the playing fields already.

Before I turned 21, of course fixing and repairing computers became a small source of income for me. It so happened, that I also got to know a very gentle old lady who I helped with her computer and gave courses how to use the Internet. This lady helped me to find my first position as intern abroad. Everything which happened after is and will always be connected with her generosity and warmheartedness.

One months before I turned 23, I left my country again. This time, one year of postgraduate studies in England lay in front of me. While my Bachelor dissertation already involved the Internet, my Master’s was completely focusing on Information and Communication Technologies (in the framework of International Politics). Again, I was driven by affinity for computers and the Internet.

Half of my 25th year in real-life I spent in the Philippines, also while I am writing this article. Again, the opportunity mainly arose from my tech-savvyness.

Having only described the most memorable milestones, the cyberspace and information and communication technologies have and had a very strong influence on my life in its whole diversity. I am very thankful for that, because I live a life I always dreamed of. Even though my time for online games and communities is not existent anymore since 2007, I still feel a very strong connection.

Thank you cyberspace, thank you information and technologies, you made my life! To give back, I will fight approaches to limit your power by acts of censorship and stupidity with all means available. You deserve to be free and grant this freedom to all your constituents.

And if it is up to me… the next milestone would be called: PhD dissertation on cyberwars.

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