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Plug Computers = “The Forgotten Geeky Device”

The computer world has evolved exceedingly fast from big machines to tablet PC’s. But have you heard about Eco-friendly plug computers? Yes, computers that you can plug in! No?

Alright, let’s get straight to the point then, there is such a portable computer which is different from a tablet PC and a Desktop Computer. It’s called a plug computer developed by Marvell Technology Group Ltd. The device came out in the market in the year 2009 which I think is forgotten by most of the people. Not just forgotten, but totally unknown to some people.

They are typically a small factor server for home and office use. Compared to your personal computer, plug computers can be bought at a lower cost, portable and lightweight, consume less power, often do not have a video card and are intended to be powered anytime in any form factor.

Built on a Marvell system-on-chip, the Marvell plug computer enables high-performance, always-on, always-connected, and environmentally-friendly computing that is readily available for developers.  The plug runs on the most popular  open source and free operating system which is Linux and usually they run on Ubuntu and Debian. However, any operating system that is compatible with ARM CPUs like FreeBSD, NetBSD, Windows CE, etc. – may potentially run on the platform.

But sad to say it didn’t click in the consumer market. It only intrigues ninja and pirate geeks who loves open source computers that they can play with. I personally would like to have one because for me it is cool. Even if it’s not that popular, I totally salute the developers of this such device. I also would like to thank scr3w a.k.a pcrack for introducing me to this cool geeky hardware. I wish they could get more attention from the public since this kind of device is really neat and reliable.

For more information about the plug computer development community  check out which is the premier web source for plug computers.

And so pirate and ninja geeks let’s promote plug computers! 🙂


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